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Meet Our Donors

We thank all our donors for their generous support through a planned gift. Here are some of their stories.

Donor Doren

Kim Doren

La Jolla resident Kim Doren is a charismatic Scripps Research supporter committed to the organization and its life-saving work.

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Donor Dorris

Helen Dorris

Helen Dorris is a welcome guest at The Scripps Research Institute. Busy researchers greet her in the hallway and stop to discuss current projects. More than a supporter, she is their friend.

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Donor Fink

Marjorie Fink

Marjorie Fink looks forward, not back.

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Donor Hill

Julie Hill

Julie Hill is a happily footloose world traveler and author with a restless love of adventure, but she has faced challenging times as well.

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Donor Kelly

Jeffery Kelly, Ph.D.

Jeffery Kelly, Ph.D., a top-notch researcher at TSRI and the Lita Annenberg Hazen Professor of Chemistry, is working toward a cure for Alzheimer's disease. He is usually in between six and seven in the morning, leaves about nine at night, and works on weekends.

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Donor Magazine

Sheldon and Izetta* Magazine

Sheldon and Izetta Magazine have been avid supporters of health causes for most of their lives.

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Donor Mosca

Eleanor Mosca

La Jolla resident Eleanor Mosca is active in a variety of pursuits, and TSRI is thankful that medical research is one of them. A loyal TSRI supporter who frequents our events on recent scientific discoveries, Eleanor has been giving to TSRI since 1985. She is a great advocate of our work and is a member of the Scripps Legacy Society by virtue of her decision to support science at TSRI in her estate plan.

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Donor Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg

Steve Rosenberg, a longtime self-employed certified public accountant in the Denver area, is a generous donor to pain research at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), in honor of his wife, Toni, who passed away in 2009.

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Donor Volechenisky

Mike* and Alice Volechenisky

Alice Volechenisky and her late husband, Mike, have always been fascinated with science. In fact, when the Volechenisky's decided to contribute over $1 million to charity by setting up charitable gift annuities, they chose Scripps Research as the major beneficiary. Mike and Alice's gift will be used for biomedical research at the Institute.

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